Friday, August 27, 2010

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rest luandino

I am in Luanda for almost a week!
are returned because the first province, Moxico, has been completed and are awaiting the revision of the car to start work in the next province, Kuando Kubango.
just returned to Luanda, the city of engarrafamentos cobra (exceptional bottlings impossible to dissolve), I was teleported to the home of the legendary Goofy (and family).
immediately, without even a second of breath-style nopàrico , we went to Praia de Santiago to celebrate the meeting.
absurd is a place where vessels and oil tankers and huge corroded stand stranded on the beach.
an absurd place. good for us.

for anything else, we are distracted by staying in the gray and chaotic city more expensive in the world waiting for departure Menongue. this activity should be relaxing, but it seems that is making me hysterical chaos, lack of movement, casino, traffic assurdo, assenza di riposo, insomma meglio di rischio savannah with leoni and mine! heheheh
ce ma in the background stiamo Passando bene, senza impegni, recupernado un po 'per la seconda forced you Phase of the Health Charter.
semper sono ovviamente tempistiche you Astrus and misteriose: if viaggerà domenica? lunedì? mercoledì? Dirl chi può! Salut
a tutti!


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